How to Have A Safe Open House This Fall

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The goal of every open house is to showcase your property to potential buyers to get a sale. However, before you open your doors this fall, consider these safety tips to keep guests safe while viewing your home.

  1. Ideally, any and all pets should not be present at open houses.  It only takes an unlocked gate or open door to endanger your pet.
  2. Take the time to complete any repairs to steps or sidewalks to prevent falls and injuries.
  3. All walkways and entryways should be well lit and kept free of debris.
  4. Walk the perimeter of your property. Are there any hazards such as a small hole in the landscaping that could lead to a fall?
  5. If there is inclement weather, prepare your home appropriately.  If necessary, shovel a path to the front door; rake any leaves off of walkways, spread salt or place mats to prevent any slipping.
  6. Check to ensure all railings are sturdy if leaned on for support.  Walk every outdoor structure, such as decks, patios and porches to check for rotting wood, buckling surfaces or soft flooring.
  7. If you have a pool, pond or any water access on your property each entry point should have gated locks. It may be a good idea to have a sign reminding viewers to shut the gate behind them.
  8. Before exiting your home for the open house, check to make sure all kitchen appliances are off and do not leave any lit candles.

If you have any questions on this or any other Real Estate matter, please fill out this form and I will get right back to you!  Also feel free to leave any comments on the article below.


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